Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can have a tremendous and often times a dramatic impact on a kitchen remodeling project. The styles and options for kitchen cabinets truly are endless. At Schrader Home Improvement Specialists, Inc. we can provide you with a variety of in-stock cabinet lines to complete custom cabinet solutions that match your exact design and style requirements.

Some basic considerations when choosing cabinets include:

  • Framed or Framless
  • Woods and Finishes
  • Door Styles

Cabinets are typically a big part of the design phase conversation. The style is important but sizing and storage requirements should also be discussed so that you end up with a finished kitchen remodel that functions just as well as it looks.

If you are interested in learning more kitchen cabinets or a complete kitchen remodel, contact Schrader Home Improvement, Inc. for a free no-obligation design consultation.